DURATION: Complete at your own pace
ACCESS: All course sessions and material
CONTENT: 6 Hours of video



  Introduction and overview of modern day digital marketing

How to build a professional website with no tech knowledge

  Hosting, Domain Name Registration and Setup in under 10 minutes

  Getting to know the CMS (content management system) admin panel

Creating web pages, blog posts and navigational menus

  Themes, designs and layouts

  Website settings, plugins and widgets

Search Engine Optimization

  How search engines work

  What Google search will look like in 5 years

  SEO – Part 1

  SEO – Part 2

  SEO – Part 3

  SEO – Part 4


  Branding and Design

  User Experience Design

Social Media for Business

  Social media strategies for business that work

  What social media platforms should I use


  How to write the perfect blog

  How to build an audience

Email Marketing

  Why so many online entrepreneurs consider Email Marketing as their crown jewel

  Best practices to build a subscriber list and copywriting that sells

Landing Page Optimization

  How to turn visitors into subscribers, members and customers


  Turn your site into an online store (including membership sites and how to get paid on your website)

Online Advertising

  How to make money with online advertising instead of losing it

  How to create Facebook Ads

  Measuring and optimizing campaigns for success

Google Analytics

  How to setup website stats with Google Analytics

  Analytics – Reading and understanding web stats Part 1

  Analytics – Reading and understanding web stats Part 2

Overview & Conclusion

  How to create a watertight online marketing strategy that never fails