| Overview

Unlike other courses, the Lowercase Academy Digital Marketing Training Program is based on the methods, practices and strategies used by the world’s most successful online marketers and entrepreneurs.

This is the ideal course to launch your career in digital marketing; start a business online; or grow your existing business.

It offers a TIME EFFICIENT learning experiencing, meaning, you only need to spend a few minutes a day to learn and then put your knowledge into practical use.

Its an EXCLUSIVE PROGRAM, with limited openings available. We’ve limited the intake of members to this program so we can offer you personal support and assistance throughout.

| The Course

Your blueprint to digital marketing.

It’s a comprehensive training program for learning, growing and achieving success in your career and business by gaining the skills and knowledge required to excel in the modern day digital world.

This is a practical online video training program, made up with proven, high-impact, step-by-step instructions on how to grow your career and business online.

No previous technical or marketing experience required.

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| How it works

The online training program is a high-impact course consisting of easy-to-follow instructional video sessions.

Simply enrol online and start the training sessions at your own pace.

It’s highly recommended to follow the program in chronological order, as sessions are build on one another. Each session assumes that the knowledge provided in the prior section are attained and fully comprehended.

SUPPORT will be provided throughout the program and will assist on topics covered in this course.

At the end of the program, you’ll do an online multiple-choice quiz and complete the practical assignments. On successful completion, you’ll be awarded with your Lowercase Academy Certificate in Digital Marketing.

| Receive your certificate

Once you’ve successfully completed the quiz and assignments and achieved a pass rate of 75%, you’ll be rewarded with a Certificate in Digital Marketing.

We’re an international online training center and offer a well-known certificate in the digital industry that is ideal for starting your own business or applying for a digital marketing position.

This is an optional step and not necessary if you’re only interested in receiving professional instructions in digital marketing.

Certificate in Digital Marketing

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“There was a ton that I took away from this course. I really loved the way the course was compiled and presented and one can tell that many many hours of hard work and dedication went into it. I have done many online courses but I can honestly say that so far this one has topped on professionalism.”

Celeste Booysen

| About

The Digital Marketing Course: presented by Barry la Grange

Barry is the founder and CEO of Lowercase, a digital agency with 11 years experience in the online industry; and working with global corporate clients in the areas of Search Engine Optimization; Web Content Management and Digital Marketing Consultation.

“I’m excited to share this program, as I’m seeing the results our members experience, and how it transforms their careers and businesses. The same can happen for you.” – Barry


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