How do I access the training sessions?

Once you’ve joined, you will have access to the member’s area. To access the member’s area, click here and sign in with your login details chosen during registration. Inside the member’s area you will find your training videos, text transcripts, online quiz, and assignments.

How do I join the program?

Sign up by selecting one of the payment options here. You’ll then enter your debit or credit card details. Payments are processed through 2Checkout, a secure payment facility. (EFT payment options available in South Africa – contact us at [email protected] to arrange an EFT payment and receive your invoice)

Thereafter you’ll be directed to the Registration page where you choose your unique username and password to create your membership account. Once registered you’ll have full access to the video training sessions, quiz, and assignments area. The signup process takes about 7 minutes to complete.

Will there be someone to help me if I get stuck or have any questions during the program?

Absolutely. We offer full one-on-one support. Feel free to contact us directly with your question at [email protected] or simply fill in the online support form in the members’ area and one of our qualified consultants will gladly assist.

This is an EXCLUSIVE PROGRAM with limited openings available. We’ve limited the intake of members to the program so we can offer you personal support and assistance throughout.

What level of experience do I need to join the program?

This is a complete digital marketing training program, covering the fundamentals of online marketing including building and growing a business online and building a personal brand online from the ground up. No previous technical or marketing knowledge or experience is required.

How to build a professional website, blog and setting up online tools amongst others, form some of the basics of this program. The more advanced sections include online advertising, search engine optimization, social media for business and analytics.

Even the seasoned digital marketer will find plenty of value-adding tactics and proven success strategies in this program.

I’m a business owner, how will this training program help my business?

This program was designed, based on the proven methods, practices and know-how of the world’s most successful online entrepreneurs and marketers. It is not a theoretical course, although simple explanations are provided on WHY specific online marketing practices are employed.

It is a practical, step-by-step instructional program on how to build, grow and succeed with any business online, through proven, actionable real-world strategies and plans.

This program offers a TIME EFFICIENT learning experience, meaning you can instantly put your knowledge into practical use.

How long does it take to complete the program?

You can complete the training sessions at your own pace. Members who spend about thirty minutes to an hour a day, complete the video sessions, online test, and assignments within 28 days.

Is this an accredited course?

This is not an accredited course and will never be. We have a firm stance against bureaucratic academic structures trying to preserve out-dated methods, curricula and systems.

Our aim is to equip people with the right digital marketing knowledge and skills that will enable them to truly make a difference in their lives, The skills taught in this course have been tried, tested and proven in professional industries and the by world’s most successful online entrepreneurs and marketers.

This program is for people willing to invest in themselves and take action, regardless of qualification or experience.

Will there be a test?

Yes. Once you are ready, take the online quiz, made up of 50 multiple choice questions. You’ll get your score at the end of the quiz. A pass rate of 75% is required.

This is an optional step and therefore not necessary if you’re only interested in receiving professional training.

Do I get a certificate at the end?

Lowercase Academy acknowledges your successful completion of the training program with a Certificate in Digital Marketing, once the quiz and assignments have been completed with a pass rate of 75%.

We’re an international online training center and offer a well-known certificate in the digital industry that is ideal for starting your own business or applying for a digital marketing position.

What is the Study Buddy program?

The Study Buddy program is unique to Lowercase Academy. Once you’ve joined the training program, you can invite a friend, colleague or family member to join at no additional cost.

In what format are the training sessions presented?

The program was designed to be highly practical and consists of easy-to-follow online video sessions. It shows you exactly what to do and how to do it. For your ideal learning experience, the video sessions are supported by text transcripts. All program content is available on the Lowercase Academy website in the member’s area.

I’m on a monthly payment plan, do I still qualify for my certificate?

You can take the online quiz and complete the assignments any time you choose. However, if you are on a monthly plan, your account needs to be fully settled to qualify for your certificate.

For example. You’ve been a member for 6 months and have paid your monthly payments up to date. You decide to take the online quiz and complete the assignments. The balance of the remaining 6 months will have to be paid in order to obtain your certificate. Should you settle the balance in one payment, you qualify for an additional discount as if you were on the annual plan.

Can I get financial assistance to pay for this program

Lowercase Academy has structured the payment options to be as affordable as possible. Many forward-thinking companies are paying to upskill their staff in all industries. Ask your company to consider a reimbursement of the program cost.

Can I use the work I’ve done for the assignments as my own?

Yes. The assignments are to test your understanding of the program content and help you develop into a complete Digital Marketing specialist by putting your skills and knowledge into practical use. You are welcome to use your assignments, which include your own website, social media pages amongst others for your own personal or business use.

Lowercase Academy will review your assignments and provide creative, constructive, and practical feedback and make recommendations regarding your projects.

What if I don’t pass the test, can I try again?

Most certainly. The online quiz is not to test your memory. It offers you the opportunity to evaluate yourself and review some of the digital marketing areas where you feel lacking. Take the online quiz again whenever you are ready.


DURATION: Complete at your own pace
ACCESS: All training sessions and material

Get rewarded with your Certificate in Digital Marketing