Our jobs did not exist a short while ago


In Grade 8 (std. 6), my first year in high school, our teacher asked the class what we plan to be when we grow up? To which I replied: “I’m going to be a traveler”

The teacher replied, yes but, what are you going to do to earn money?

I ‘realized’, I’m probably wrong in my thinking that I’m going to be a traveler and earn some money doing that… and came to the conclusion; I better start thinking about this more carefully and some of the other kids’ answers of becoming a preacher, teacher or doctor was probably a much better option.

I grew up with such limited thinking about what a career can mean.

26 years later, it’s safe to say, that many of the jobs today (in my case, most of the jobs of people I know) didn’t exist less than a decade ago.

I started my journey in digital marketing in 2006. Before Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or WhatsApp was mainstream. These companies and platforms created industries, or perhaps more importantly, they created a way of thinking.

What these industries did for us, the travelers, the video gamers, the artists… the open thinkers, has been profound.

Matthew Patrick is a New York actor, which couldn’t find work, despite his good grades, talent, and experience in local theater productions. Matthew said: despite him sending his CV to every possible agency, no one was willing to give him a chance.

So Matthew decided to create his own videos, building up his portfolio to showcase his skill, in order to find a job. However, Matthew’s passion and interest were in video games. In 2009, what he ended up doing, was creating videos where he dissected video games and analyzed the cultural connection and scientific impact of video games. He started a Youtube channel and called it Game Theorists.

Today, Matthew, known as MatPat on Youtube and The Game Theorists channel has more than 6.8 million subscribers and over 820 million video views. Matthew employs more than 20 people and living life on his own terms, doing what he loves.

There are countless people like Matthew, who has taken the opportunity the digital world offer us all and made something unique which was not previously possible.

Even the fact that Lowercase Academy can offer a complete training program in online video format, was not possible a decade ago. Video was simply too expensive to host.

Today, new opportunities are available to us all. What we want to be, what we want to do, is completely up to us.

You have the tools, what are you going to do with it?

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