Online Opportunities Available To All

Shay Carl ButlerShay Carl Butler was a manual laborer struggling to make ends meet and support his family. Although a young hard-working guy, there was just never enough money. Shay got frustrated as his dreams of living a financially free life, seemed to be out of reach.

In 2007, out of curiosity and just for fun, he started to make home videos, documenting his and his family’s everyday life, and shared it on Youtube. One day, a $300 check arrived in the mail. Shay was amazed that he actually got paid for something that he loves to do.

He decided to experiment a little more, to see if the money he makes from Youtube, could cover his grocery bill for a month… so he set out to make a video every day.

Then it happened, after 3 months, he got a check for $6000. What!? Shay realized that he could pay his mortgage with this kind of money. Whilst working on a kitchen top, he decided right there and then, that he will make videos, which was his love and hobby, his full-time job.

Today, Shay Carl has over 4 million Youtube subscribers on his SHAYTARDS channel, and over 2.3 Billion video views.

With his grown popularity, Shay was able to co-found Maker Studios, which was sold to Disney for $600 000 000.

We all have the exact same tools and opportunities Shay Carl has.

No matter your background, your education, financial status; you and I have the opportunity to build a future and life we desire.

With a laptop, internet connection, or a smartphone, we can do whatever we want. Our interests, hobbies, and passions can be our source of income if we simply apply the tools that are available to us all.

With a little knowledge on how to use these tools, we can accomplish amazing things.

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