Online Reputation MattersChase Jarvis, world renowned photographer and entrepreneur said: “We used to have one job in a lifetime; now we have 5; and pretty soon, we’ll all have 5 jobs at the same time”

A year ago, I worked with a client, a large global bank, and our office space was next to the Human Resources Department, separating our workspaces with large glass panels. Every day, as I walked pass the HR office, I saw the personnel spent their entire day on Linkedin and social media platforms. Sourcing the best candidates, unlike the days where HR was sifting through thousands of CVs.

What matters is our online reputation.

What we say, do and believe, creates our reputation and authority. This sets us apart from the rest… and will be increasingly valuable and relevant in future.

We have the same tools available (which are free) than the most successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, and industry-changers.

The current state of employment, especially in the corporate environment is based on the industrial era. This era has long gone and we moved into the digital age, but the way we think about employment and jobs has yet to catch-up.

At the risk of becoming irrelevant in the new digital economy, we need to adapt. But this also brings amazing opportunities for those who are prepared.

We need to be prepared and equipped for the new ways of being employed, or gonna be left behind before we know it.

Learning how to operate and utilize the online tools and platforms (available to all) are key in taking full advantage, and being ready for how things are changing.

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