We create learning programs to empower people to become more than they are now, and to have more than they have, in order to contribute more than ever imagined.

We do this by creating and offering a powerful and high impact digital marketing training program through Lowercase Academy. It is the combination of easy-to-follow, proven techniques and strategies, with practical steps and guidelines.

Creating a unique opportunity for anyone to create a business or career based on proven principals.

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Barry la Grange

– Founder Lowercase Academy

Over the last 10 years, I’ve built an online business and the Lowercase digital agency, working with some of the largest corporate companies in South Africa. I’ve used the methods, practices, and techniques, also used by the world’s most successful online marketers and entrepreneurs, to build my business and career. Today I want to share it with you. Not only what to do, but exactly HOW to do it.

The world is moving online. Many entrepreneurs, students, artists, professionals, and businesses struggle to stay relevant in this changing world. That’s why I’ve designed and built the All-In-One Digital Marketing Training Program, to help you get the most out of online tools and opportunities.

“If you want to get ahead in your career; plan to start a business; or want to take your business online; then this program is for you!” – Barry